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InterWorx Control Panel – Webmail Options
Does SiteWorx of InterWorx Control Panel have Webmail Option & How to access it?

Webmail is very important feature for email users and specially business users it’s come handy when the small medium businesses need access to their mailbox while not at office or on move. Using webmail interface business user can access their mailbox online without configuring or storing email settings or data on computer. The user just need a browser access and Internet connection. Using webmail interface of their email account, business mail user can send and receive email messages online. InterWorx control panel also provide access to webmail for it’s users.

Where Can I get Webmail in SiteWorx?
SiteWorx of InterWorx panel does provides Webmail feature and the Webmail icon as shown above is available within Email section of this control panel. When the user click on this icon a new Tab/Window shall open on browser. Make sure that your browser does not block opening of new tab or window as per the settings.

In new tab or window, user will see the similar option to login to Webmail account. Please enter full email address in the first field of Email and your Email password in the second. In third field, you have option to select one Webmail Software out of two.

These two software are RoundCube and Horde. Depending on your selection and clicking on Login button, you will see the Webmail Interface. Above shown image is for RoundCube Webmail Interface.

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