cPanel Control Panel Interface Image Tool Usages & Benefits

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cPanel Control Panel Interface Image Tool Usages & Benefits

Easy Method To Download Your Website Content for Backup, Editing or Review
When You Got Access to Cpanel or Similar Other Control Panel

The Images interface allows you to modify and manage images that you saved to your account. This feature includes the following tools:

Thumbnailer — Use this tool to create thumbnails from images in a directory and store them in a thumbnails subdirectory.

Scaler — Use this tool to resize individual images.

Converter — Use this tool to convert one image file type to another file type and change the file type of all images in a directory. For example, you can change .jpg files to .png files.

By using cPanel Provided Thumbnailer, Scaler & Converter – Website Designers, Web Developers, Coding Professional, and Small Medium Business including Freelancers can Save a large number of their timing involved in such operations. Since activities by these tools are done online on Server, the file upload/download operational time also saved.

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